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 Our Goal: 

Change digital regulation laws to ensure online platforms prioritize users’ well-being over profit.

So, how will we do this?


As the first generation to grow up in this digital era, we KNOW what we want to see change in digital spaces. Our experiences should be used to help guide the creation of laws that will profoundly impact the way the internet impacts young people.

The Plan:

  • Collect video and audio testimonials from young people around the country. These testimonials will include people’s own experiences with online platforms and a strong demand for how they think the regulation of these platforms should change to promote the well-being of their still-developing users.

  • Tech(nically) Politics compiles these testimonials into episodes based on geographic region and/or issues addressed.

  • These episodes are sent to lawmakers from the local to federal levels. Publicly accessible videos and an email template tailorable to one’s specific lawmakers will allow anyone and everyone to send these powerful stories to elected officials and join the movement to push policymakers to address this important issue.

  • The founders of Tech(nically) Politics and others who wish to continue with the movement speak to lawmakers.

  • Public pressure stemming from Tech(nically) Politics and other organizations in this field will move tech regulation to the front of lawmakers’ agendas. Greater efforts will be made to pass and enforce laws that protect online users, leading to safer digital spaces for all.

Your Power


In taking a few minutes to consider your experiences with technology and share the change you want to see, you are contributing to a movement working to positively reshape the digital sphere. Tech(nically) Politics cannot make an impact without your courage, voice, and requests.

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