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About the Movement

Learn more about how the idea for Tech(nically Politics) came to fruition, the youth behind the movement, and why it is important to share teen digital stories in order to push forth legislation.


Our Creation Story

While chatting at a youth digital advocacy meeting, Aliza Kopans and Emma Lembke discussed their joint frustration over the inability for members of Gen Z, users at the heart of The Social Dilemma, to assist in pushing forth legislative regulation. 


Aliza and Emma merged their passion for digital advocacy and youth storytelling to create Tech(nically) Politics. 

Once collected, teen digital testimonials will be converted into episodic videos and distributed around digital wellness and legislative communities.

Join Aliza and Emma as they unwind the portrayal of teens as passive victims of a social media driven society and replace it with an image of a resilient Generation unwilling to accept the status quo and ready to usher in change. 

Aliza Kopans

Co-founder & Video Campaign Director

Aliza Kopans is class of '25 at Brown University and a Digital Wellness Youth Activist serving on Fairplay's Action Network Advisory Board and LookUp.Live's Teen Leadership Council. Aliza has reached thousands of people through written publications, webinars, podcasts, and community involvement, dedicated to creating change towards a human—not screen—focused world.

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Emma Lembke


Emma Lembke is class of '25 at Washington University in St Louis. Her senior year in high school, she Co-Founded the LOG OFF movement. LOG OFF is a movement dedicated to rethinking social media by teens for teens. Emma regularly engages in public speaking and press opportunities to spread digital consciousness and integrate youth voices in conversations regarding tech.

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